Sunday, 13 May 2012

sem break yayy :D

salam and have a bless peeps :) 

So yayy for me.I have done my sem 3 at more sem babeh.then finish my foundition at uia pj and gonna continue my degree at uia gombak.pray for me people :)

So everyone is asking about my final --' oh gosh.tlg la.benda dah lepas jgn tya boleh?--' *emo sikit* exams was okay la.but my maths paper mcm harammm boleh rasaI'm gonna repeat my maths for  next sem.oh nooooo --' sometimes I thinking how I'm gonna be a engineer if my maths is superb sucks --'

So what is my plan during my sem break?alahai byk sgt if nak list down.hope everything goes smoothly.insyAllah:)

Last but not least.hoping that adlil akan cepat2 servis his car and give me free driving class hehehe.

Thanks for reading my post yg merapu ni.

Enjoy your days peeps :D

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