Wednesday, 22 June 2016

ramadhan kareem :)

hi everyone, yes i'm back after my first post of 2016 yayyyy! it is currently on 14th days of ramadhan and maybe it is not too late to wish all of you salam ramadhan and may Allah ease all your things and have a blessful month everyone.dont ask why i'm writing again today hahaha probably because i'm currently in the office and having so called boring internship day. god please let the time passing as fast as it can. 

There is one thing i realized during my internship is how hard and difficult for our parents went to work from the subuh until maghrib baru balik. It hits me everytime, I took granted of what my parents are doing and sacrificing for me. We always thought that our parents are neglecting us but the fact is, they are sacrificing all they have to feed and give comfortable life to their children. So please always feel proud and grateful of what they are doing for us. May Allah bless our parents and give them stable life and ease all their works :) 

The throwback photo taken when i were at Krabi . 

the mind reader :)

Saturday, 28 May 2016

hye i'm coming back :)

Hye Hello there :)

After one year since the last post, i havent write anything in this blog. and i'm back from the first 2016 post. It took me one year to write again. how time flies. and how everything has changed. there are some people are leaving and some new people are entering. Of course each of them bring and give me significant beautiful experiences and lighten up my days.

so it already 2016, i wonder how thing has evolved around you. does it goes the way as it should be and if it is not, how did you survived to all the obstacles and struggles. As for me, nothing much has changed except the physical changes (weight?) hahaha already gaining 10kg, it is definitely showing how happy i am in 2016. I dont know why i have the urged to update and write a post today, but i believe no ones give a shit and read a blog anymore. does anyone did a blogwalking since then. and i'm pretty sure no one will read my post so well. i can write anything that i want so that in future, i have something to re-read and to ponder on how my life looks like (atleast i have something to show to my kids) 

Well as you can see i have so plenty of time sampai i decided to write on my blog after a year. a freaking year. currently in study week mood and have another 2 papers and you dont know how much i have screwed up my previous papers. and waitt the good news is (not really a good news) i'll be starting my internship soon yes very soon. will be started on the first day of fasting and i hope everything will goes smoothly. 

well i guess, maybe we should end it here, and perhaps i'll be continue writing (pray for a miracle) again :) till we meet again,

the view that i'll be missing, and insyaAllah one more semester before the graduation thing. 

p/s: perhaps i'll be writing more post for 2016, i have a lot like a lot to share but yet so little time urghh.

the mind reader,
aunis (2016)

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

hello new leaf

Haiii.i know i've missed the so called 'new year post' hahaha well i'm supposed to write and post something for new year but i didnt.well maybe it is no too late to wish whoever who's reading this silly post happy new yearrrrr and may 2014 brings the best in its 2014 already  wow time flies so fast like in the flip of seconds and i'm not even ready to be 21 years old and never be ready like everrrr.

2013 was really errrrr hmmm not a good year for me.and thank god it ends alreadyyyy.and the most of important lesson that i've learnt  in 2013 is,the person that we used to know last year wont be the same person that we knew.yup people changed like really change,feelings fade,friendship ends.the person that we thought will be always with us thru the ups and down might change to the person that you really want to run far away from that person.the person that we thought will be friend forever but end up being enemies forever?lol yeah thats how 2013 treated me and i'm happy that i'm the choosen one who messed with those really changed me a lot.and grown up a liltle bit err yeah maybe a bit but i'm glad that i finally eliminated those who never want me in their life so does me.somehow you know that you are not important to someone that you used to know and you maybe cant be part of their life and maybe the truth is they dont want you in their life. 

But really trust me some people enters your life either brings you bless or hmm lesson and yes lesson learnt.and some people that enters your life doesnt mean to stay.if you think by letting go might makes you relieve then let it go.something better comes along when you close one door.dont worry.Allah will always have something for you.just keep in faith and heads up and everything gonna be it used to me

last but not least HAPPY NEW YEAR AND MAY 2014 BRINGS JOYS in you :)