Thursday, 28 June 2012


28th june.declaring myself as a LOSER because i've failed my jpj test.ah damn.failed for bukit and jalan raya.aishh.orang lain fail jugak tapi takda lah fail dua2.see the diff?ohmaigod.ah memang dah expect akan fail tapi takda lah fail dua2 oii.aish.seriously when everybody is saying "its okay,you can do it for next time " arghh rasa mcm apa je.MALAS DAH  NAK AMBIL LESEN!bukan GIVE UP but MALAS.

just thanks to those who are feel sorry for my failure in jpj test.really appreciate it.thanks for giving me the advices and wishing me goodluck.ohmai.really really appreciate.

bbm-ed with adlil and he said that he gonna be my driving teacher.ehem ehem.again,he is my lifesaver.HAHAHA.he is such a good friend :) always be there whenever i need lah selalu but ke selalu?entah lah.but thanks adlil because you've helped me a lot.yes a lot.he is the one who is helping me to move on,accompanied me at kfc,treat me mcflurry and now he kindly wants to help me to get my license.thanks.i owe you much.

if i pass my jpj test i'm gonna treat you mcflurry.promise :) hihihi

thanks for reading everyone.sorry for wasting your time to read my merapu post.HAHAHA


lots of love,

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