Monday, 18 June 2012

new sem,new aim,new people,new direction


so yah,i'm back.back to student usual having classes,tutorials,quizes and exams.its so lifeless.and luckily this gonna be my last sem at uia pj and insyaAllah i'm gonna continue my degree on febuary next year.if takda repeat pape lah sem ni.i'm just hoping that i'm gonna do my best for my last sem.4 flat insyaAllah :) but this sem gonna be my toughest sem.i'm taking 4 subjects for this sem which are CHEMISTRY 3,CALCULUS,PROGRAMMING AND UNDERSTANDING ISLAM.oh man.please lah.semua killer subjects kot.nak 4flat amendenya auni oii.

so i'm just hoping the best.trying and keep trying.struggle and keep struggling for my last sem.and me gonna create the best memories for this sem.

so yayy,juniors dah masuk, *tetiba* i met with some of my juniors from seseri.but there are  few of them yg i dont remember their name.haha.sorry,i just remember miza.sigh.sorry.and as expected,cafe dah mcm masjid india and jalan2 di uia dah seperti jalan tar.HAHAHA.terlalu byk lambakan manusia.oh damn.

so i'm so sleepy and i need some rest.PRAY FOR MY BEST READERS :)


lots of love,

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