Wednesday, 25 July 2012

welcoming ramadhan :)

assalamualaikum its 5 ramadhan already.i know its too late to wish happy fasting but i still want to wish it.HAHAHA.its better  late than never right?so HAPPY FASTING TO ALL MUSLIM AND MUSLIMAH all over the world :) may Allah bless and ease our days.

thanks Allah for giving me chances to stay alive in this world.oh this year i'm celebrating my first day of ramadhan at home.its has been a long time i'm not celebrate my first ramadhan at home.such a great feeling.i cant give what are words  that can describe that moment.thank you ma,abang,abang chik,kakak,yiyin and pezal :) 

i just wishing this ramadhan will give good and beneficial to i'm planning to berbuka puasa with my girls this friday!i cant wait.ohmaigod.and plus pika and jaz are coming back to insyaAllah i'm gonna spend my time with them :)

last but not least,happy fasting readers.thanks for lend me your time to read my post :) 
have a beautiful ramadhan :)

lots of love,