Monday, 4 February 2013

new undertaking


 hi people.Alhamdulillah i've done the taakruf week(orientasi week) for the new intake at IIUM was hectic week but yet its today is my first day of being a degree student.yeah my new undertaking new journey new friends new environment :) i'm sure that i'm gonna love it living here with the pak arabs and neggas all over the university, first day was sucks.SESAT HOI.and for your information  gombak campus is FUCKING BIG and FUCKING TIRED if you've class at diff kuliyyah.gah i'm pretty sure that at the end of the semester i'm gonna have

so far i've an awesome experience here.with the cool room but with the sucks broandband connection and with the seniors yg kerek -.-  hiks.since i've bad connection of broadband so i'm gonna end my post.sobs sobs.last but not least insyaAllah i'm gonna do my best here as a engineering student for 4 pray for me people.


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