Friday, 12 July 2013

your shadow


people say the most painful goodbyes are the ones that are never said and never explained.because you will leave  the person with the unseen scars.well thats might be the most painful thing that i need to go cant just walk into someone's life and care so much about them and then leave them hanging.just NO okay.YES BIG NO!we are just human being that built up with a thing called 'heart' the most fragile part in our body.once it broken it cant back into the original just breaks into the pieces.and by saying 'SORRY' for what you've done wont change anything.the scar is get what i mean?saying sorry wont heal the scar.


oh yeah saying about move on thingy?since i see lots people are tweet-ed it on twitter.hey its 2013 and you still saying about the move on  thingy?lol joke.move on is the most hardest thing to do after breaking up.yup it might take weeks,months or even years.come on.tak payah la lepas seminggu break ckp "oh i dah move on" thats totally bullsh*t. okay sorry for the bad word.

p/s:well, i just want to walk away but when i start walking i can see your shadow is following me.i dont want living with your shadow anymore.

the mind reader,

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