Tuesday, 13 August 2013

eid mubarak


it has been awhile since my last post.and its rayaaaaaaaa already.weh why time flies so fast.yes that fast?i thought we are still in may or june perhaps?but mannnn its august!oh gosh shall i say hello to august and hell yeah we gonna leave august soon.yeah really soon.so how's your raya so far?mine would be soooo fantastic and beyond awesome because i've been surrounded by those people that i love.le familiy,friends.....definitely.

with this opportunity i would like to wish all of you happy eid mubarak and i'm sorry for all the wrongdoings that i've done and might be some of you ada yg terasa,telawak yg ter-over,saying those harsh words dudee i'm sorry.i'm sorry for everything and if and only if by saying this sorry wont put the thing on the right place,i would do anything to make it right.seriously yes!so yeah,enjoy your raya while it still lasts.you gonna miss it trust me.the food,the people,the happy moments.i am gonna miss all of it.

p/s:going to register the new sem on early of september.sigh sigh.happy eid mubarak again! :)

the mind reader,

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