Monday, 2 September 2013

hello september

hai *waving*

i'm not gonna write "please be nice with me dear september" since i know its gonna be a devastated month for me.going to start the new sem soon and i swear it  gonna be a longggggggggg and hectic sem *sigh* aaahhh i wish to have a long vacation nowwww because i'm so not ready for the hectic day filled with classes,quizes and assigmentsssss.and to be honest i'm not ready to meet the people hahahaha no i mean i wanted to spend more time with le family perhaps.

well so far i really had a great time with le family and i would say that this semester break was the best time i had with them and would be so lovely if i could spend more time with you pika aih.i have so much things to do yet too little time.I NEED EXTRA HOLIDAY PLEASE!oh please dont wake me up when september ends.

oh please wish me luck for my new semester.may Allah ease everything :)

the lazy girl,

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