Friday, 8 November 2013


Hye it has been awhile yah.kinda busy with the college stuff.yet i have too many things to write but too little time.wish could just stop the clock from ticking while i'm writing this post so that i wont wasting my time on updating my blog.but i've this urge to write.been stressed out with all those things.damn i need a short vacation so that i could just go away from some people who are bitching around.stressful week yah oh it should be stressful-long-hectic-month.cant wait to end this semester.
i just dont know why  i'm not into some people lately.get easily hurt or for a better word 'terasa hati' with some people actions and words.really.......i had to make these things out.wish i could talk to someone but yeah i've missed the spot.oh do anyone left during my lowest point of my life?oh obviously no.the ironic is how i always be there for everyone and been helping them but no ones be there for me.really.these things are killing me......i have to stop writing.....goodnight


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