Wednesday, 22 June 2016

ramadhan kareem :)

hi everyone, yes i'm back after my first post of 2016 yayyyy! it is currently on 14th days of ramadhan and maybe it is not too late to wish all of you salam ramadhan and may Allah ease all your things and have a blessful month everyone.dont ask why i'm writing again today hahaha probably because i'm currently in the office and having so called boring internship day. god please let the time passing as fast as it can. 

There is one thing i realized during my internship is how hard and difficult for our parents went to work from the subuh until maghrib baru balik. It hits me everytime, I took granted of what my parents are doing and sacrificing for me. We always thought that our parents are neglecting us but the fact is, they are sacrificing all they have to feed and give comfortable life to their children. So please always feel proud and grateful of what they are doing for us. May Allah bless our parents and give them stable life and ease all their works :) 

The throwback photo taken when i were at Krabi . 

the mind reader :)

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