Saturday, 28 May 2016

hye i'm coming back :)

Hye Hello there :)

After one year since the last post, i havent write anything in this blog. and i'm back from the first 2016 post. It took me one year to write again. how time flies. and how everything has changed. there are some people are leaving and some new people are entering. Of course each of them bring and give me significant beautiful experiences and lighten up my days.

so it already 2016, i wonder how thing has evolved around you. does it goes the way as it should be and if it is not, how did you survived to all the obstacles and struggles. As for me, nothing much has changed except the physical changes (weight?) hahaha already gaining 10kg, it is definitely showing how happy i am in 2016. I dont know why i have the urged to update and write a post today, but i believe no ones give a shit and read a blog anymore. does anyone did a blogwalking since then. and i'm pretty sure no one will read my post so well. i can write anything that i want so that in future, i have something to re-read and to ponder on how my life looks like (atleast i have something to show to my kids) 

Well as you can see i have so plenty of time sampai i decided to write on my blog after a year. a freaking year. currently in study week mood and have another 2 papers and you dont know how much i have screwed up my previous papers. and waitt the good news is (not really a good news) i'll be starting my internship soon yes very soon. will be started on the first day of fasting and i hope everything will goes smoothly. 

well i guess, maybe we should end it here, and perhaps i'll be continue writing (pray for a miracle) again :) till we meet again,

the view that i'll be missing, and insyaAllah one more semester before the graduation thing. 

p/s: perhaps i'll be writing more post for 2016, i have a lot like a lot to share but yet so little time urghh.

the mind reader,
aunis (2016)

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