Sunday, 15 April 2012

the new chapter but the same person :)

"i cant start a new chapter if i  keep reading the last one"

hey peeps.this post gonna be the first post for my new blog :) i've decided to put the tittle  for my blog  I CANT PREDICT MY FUTURE since i dont know what gonna happen for the next seconds in my life.only HE knows everything.well..we can plan what we want but only Allah who can decide it to happen.

semua orang tanya kenapa i nak buat new blog ni..sebab i dah break?BUKAN OKAY! hahaha..saja je nak MOVE ON and forget the past..make a new chapter of my life with the new people around me and with fresh blog:) and and the important one is because MY MOM READ MY OLD BLOG!ohmaigod..malu sangat.and mama keep perli me what i'm writing in my please.i'm big enough!errr..and i hope my mom will not read my new blog  --' err

and another reason is why i make a new blog because i dont want munawwar to read my blog :) since i have break up with him so i've a lot of thing to write about him in my blog..hahaha..

so this gonna be my first step to make a move :) pray for my best readers.sometimes i feel like its hard to leave my old blog since it has a lot of memories but i need now i'm not gonna update my old blog.i just want to make a fresh start for my new auni and new chapter.

my old blog is

lots of love,

au :P