Sunday, 15 April 2012

time machine

pejam celik,pejam celik its has been 2 weeks i break up with him :) Alhamdulillah so far so good.i'm very lucky having friends who are supporting me from behind :) thanks girls :') and and thank you so much to mom,sister and brother who understanding me :) even,mula2 mcm marah2 but i know deep in their heart they love me so much :) *perasan* the first two days break up was so disaster.i've spent my days with tears and fake smiles --' *cover* but later on i feel like so bongok because i wasting my tears for someone who never appreciate me.thats was so sad.

so now i trying my best  to forget him and move on.but i know it is really difficult if i want to erase all the memories with him.seriously i cant.and if you ask me whether i still love him or not,i will say yes!okay tak kesah la orang nak ckp i ni bodoh ke apa ke.i just cant okay.forget the one who i loved and spent my days,tears,laughs with him for one year?nak lupa kan dia in within 2 weeks?thats crazy.i just need a liltte time for cure myself and my heart.

but insyaAllah everything gonna be okay later.just i need time.and now i'm prefer myself for being alone or the best word is SINGLE.and have a strong connection with Allah :)be good muslimah insyaAllah :) just pray for my best readers.sometimes i wish i can be like paige *heroin in the vow* who currently lost her memories.and sometimes i wish i had a time machine so that i can reverse all the time.but i know i cant cant do all that.

i just wishing he can replace me with a better girl.and isnyaAllah i wont be together back with him.hati kita ini milik Allah.hari ni kita ckp kita suka and sayang dekat someone but in the split of seconds Allah can changed everything in our i cant promise nothing for you nawa.i takut in the time i'm curing myself i find someone better and i fallen love with him.but i just want you to know that deep in my heart i'm still loving you :)

thanks for reading :)

lots of love,


  1. Love is every where.. maybe its not for you.. find it & good luck!

  2. thanks :) waiting for the suitable person :)