Thursday, 19 April 2012

one night-seserians :) last week i've spent my weekend at my lovely school *errr* which is seseri.we have program with our super juniors from batch ELANTRA.and act the most reason why i forced myself to join this program because of i can meet with my friendsss..BELLATRIX :) wehoo..and like what i'm expected.i met with those gilaa gilaa budak.DINA,ALYA,TEEROS,FARIHA,HANAH,IRNAADRIANA and else.

even i spent only one night with them but atleast hilang lah rindu.hilang rindu nak tengok KLCC light off :) and i realized there are lot of changes in my school.i'm so jealous.oh damn jealous tahu?dulu masa i jadi juniors and seniors gila lah semua benda tak they put tiles in some of the dorms and at tv area too.there are also superb cool locker in bilik kopi --' DM dah ada langsir --' byk sgt public phoness --' dulu bukan main sikit.aih.bangunan UMNO dah lawaa :) ahahaha.THE MALL had changed it name to PUTRA PLAZA MALL.ada jejantas nak cross the mall tu. *okay stop auni*

*sorry for nonsense thing i write*

so there are some pictures from the program :)
with others uia's girls who went to the seseri :)
 some of the bellatrix who joined the program :)

with alya,adriana and dina :) they are superb awesome!thanks for made my day :) and sorry sebab tak join korang ronggeng2 T.T btw rindu sgt nak buli si adriana ni haa..jumpa pun kejap je haritu T.T and thanks to ayah dina sebab tolong hantar kan smpai seseri.
with the girls who have lighten my days during form 4 and form 5.too much memories with the seserians :)

proud to be a part of them :)

thanks for made my day even for one night :) thanks girls.gonna miss all of you :')

thanks for reading :)

lots of love,


  1. hyee, thnkz sudi singgah, blog baru niy ea? teruja sebb antara orng terawal singgah :) hahah
    ehh, jgn lupe letak shoutbox, senang nak tinggalkan jejak :)

  2. atotototot.. sedih plak rasa korang sume tulis blog sweet2 nih.. nie yg buat ak nak blog gak nih.. haih... sweet sgtlah nie ayinnn :DDD

  3. okayy. terharu gilaa. sayang kau sangat2 lah ayin. :)