Thursday, 19 April 2012

people changed

salam and have a blast readers :)

first of all thanks for those who are dropping to my new blog :) if you have dropped then follow me okay :) 

'everybody wants happiness,nobody wants pain but you cant have a rainbow without a litlte rain'

lately i met with lot of people who have break up with their bf.including myself.well i quite wonder why we must crying and dying for someone who never appreciate us.well i cant say nothing about it.because diff people have their own perceptions.well as i mention in the tittle people changed.we cant predict what is in their mind.they can changed in the splits of second.

i just can say that if you are breaking up with your bf it is doesnt mean you're loser or slut or just that Allah's faith.we currently dont know who is gonna be our "jodoh" but we are waiting for the time lebih baik kita menunggu orang yang betul daripada menghabis kan waktu dgn orang yg salah.

to the girls out there :) move on,because yesterday is our past,tomorrow is our future and today is a gift that i called it present :) 

and remeber it doesnt mean if you lose him then you have no one.that still have your parents who are never let you down and never give you false hope such the bullshit guy do! --' sometimes i wish i could say sorry to my mom because i've done the biggest mistakes in my life.

my uztaz said 'if you have couple mesti kita akan lebih2 dan memuja serta menyangi bf/gf kita tu lebih daripada our parents' and that thing act of tanda2 kiamat. 'anak menyangi orang yg bukan muhrim lebih daripada kedua ibu bapa kita'

so i think thats all from me :)

thanks for reading

lots of love,

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