Wednesday, 25 April 2012

stay calm stay strong

salam readers :) right now,this minute and this second my block is shocked by a rumors about orang minyak.oh no.not a rumors okay!the true story.haha.while the girls crying and scared about the orang minyak i boleh pulak nak blogging.nice auni nice

just stay calm and stay strong girls :) insyaAllah everything gonna be okay.Allah will be always with us.i just wonder why the bila jadi benda2 mcm ni baru nak gelabah nak cari Allah.thats normal.bila kita senang we can easily forget HIM.bila ada musibah mcm ni baru gelabah mcm beruk.ehem *note to myself*

"kita yg selalu lupa Allah tapi Allah tak pernah lupa kita"

lesson that i've learnt for today :)

lots of love,

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