Wednesday, 25 April 2012

dear crush :)

dear my crush.i wish you can know the presence of me. and i wish you can have the same feeling like i do.i stalk your fb every day.i do reading your bbm status every time you update it.i do have your picture.i always wish you can bbm with me everyday.i wish i can have your twitter acc and follow you.i wish you can read each tweets that i write about you.and i wish you can read this post and knowing that this post act for you.i wish that you can give me spirit to move on and forget him.

i hope that you can wish ALL THE BEST FOR MY FINAL.i hope that you can be my destiny :) i'll pray everyday.

and last.I WISH THAT YOU LOVE ME but i know you're not.

its okay if i bertepuk sebelah tgn

"if you have reasons to love someone it is called CRUSH if you dont have reasons to love someone it is called TRUE LOVE"

stop the nonsense thing auni

i love you chester *my another crush*

lots of love,

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