Sunday, 6 May 2012

a girl who cant be moved

salam readers.yeay again.lama dah tinggal my blog today i've decided to update it.and today i feel like so stress with myself.haishh.i dont know whats going wrong with just because my eyes not cry doesnt mean my heart doesnt cry.

what the hell with me.messup with the stupid boy. fucking stupid.things end but the memories last forever.yeah yeah.ingat senang ke nak lupakan orang yg dah kita spend masa for more than one year.seeing you happy with  errr make me so today i've realized one thing.thing that makes me stronger enough to WAKE UP and MOVE ON. thanks god for this.

dear you,
you just dont know who you are playing with.go ahead with if you really want to move on.forget our memories and forget even i exist.but when you realize you've made  a huge mistake by letting me let go,dont try to come back to me.cause that  time i'm not your AUNI anymore.i'm not auni who love you like before.i'm a new auni who wont  waiting  for you anymore.and that time,i have forget everything about us.everything.and that time i wont crying for you and i'll make sure that i wont cry for the same reason again.i'm promise. 

sometimes i have to let go of person that i once loved because i cant bring back my past,its gone.all that i can do is let go,move on and make a better memories for my future.

the same love makes me smiles and the same love makes me cry.

dear awak,maybe you are the best for him.sorry for suddenly come into his life and kacau korang.yeay maybe i ni kacau hubungan korang yg sepatutnya dah lama bersatu right?my love story with him was a mistake but your love story with him is a real story.sorry for ruin everything.and i'll pray the best for both of you.sorry again.

thanks for reading.

lots of love,

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