Friday, 27 April 2012

my sayangss :)

thanks for made my day :) heee.

and thanks for the movie marathon :)

its really nice having friends like both of you.

kawan masa senang and masa susah.

and and sorry for leaving the dominos in the cinema --'
sorry guys.

 so as usual i'm gonna be the shortest among them.nice. --' hahaha.
dear strong sayang.hee.sometimes our parents give such a high hope to when we cant achieve it diorang mcm frust sikit.but it doesnt mean that you are not for me gempak kot result kau :) congrates anyways :) 

p/s:battleship and avengers sangat lah best :) must watch.hehehe

thanks for reading

lots of love,


  1. thank you very2 much ayin. :') you are such a great friends. sayang kau sangat2. :D

  2. most welcome syang :) hehehee