Saturday, 30 June 2012

have faith in ALLAH :)

kalau suka tak semestinya bercinta,kalau bercinta tak semestinya ada jodoh and kalau ada jodoh tak kemana.have faith in ALLAH,guys.HE knows about everything in earth and heaven.when the right time comes,the right person will reveal.

i'm praying to ALLAH,may HE gives the right person for me,a guy who can lead and bring me to JANNAH.insyaAllah.I may not be the good wife for you,I have done many mistakes and sins with my EXs and i really regret it.but i'm learning from my mistakes.i'm not gonna repeat it.i'm not perfect for you.i'm not beatiful like selena gomez.i hope you can accept me the way i am.I will try my best to be a good muslimah for you my future husband.i dont ask much from you,I just hope you can be my imam.recite the doa before we have a meal,guide me and love my family as much as i did.

okay.tak tahu lah why today tetiba gatal nak ckp pasal future husband.but this is for you.

thanks for reading :)

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