Monday, 9 July 2012

belated.7th july stated in the picture above,i just want to wish happy belated birthday to my lifesaver.may Allah bless and ease you :) live your life to the fullest man!appreciate every single things and the moment you had with your family and people surround you.

just wanna to say thank you for everything.thank you for brighten and lighten my days.thanks for bringing back my smiles and laugh.i owe you much.oh yah congrats for your excellent result.ohmaii.tahu tak result you tu gempak gilaa nak pandai en.jeles pulak i dgn you ni.hihihi.i'm just proud of you!congrats again.all the best for your new sem.

p/s:gonna treat you secret recipe later.

and last but not least.thanks for this picture :) i really love it

lots of love,

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