Saturday, 28 July 2012

seoul garden with my sayangs :)

hello hye.yes as mentioned in the tittle i've spent my day with my lovelies for berbuka puasa at seoul garden has been a long time kita tak thanks to GOD  for give me a chance to meet and lepaking with the girls :) thanks girls for making my day :) lepas ni kita lepak berbuka tempat lain pulak okay? :) and a big thanks to dina and fatin for being our driver.since i dont have a license and i dont know how to drive,so i just sat at the back and sleep.HAAAA!ni lah untungnya orang takda lesen.boleh tidur dlm kereta then bangun tidur je kita dah sampai di destinasi yg dituju.hehehe.sorry girls.

  haa.jgn ckp perempuan tak makan byk.perempuan lagi mkn byk dari lelaki actually.we've proved it.hahaha.and guess what kami berjaya menghabiskan all this thing.haa!unbelievable.

a day spent well with the girls :) thanks again.never forget this day! :)

from the left is alya,dina,mia and me.and at the back is fatin :) thanks and thanks and thanks again :)

 my love is for all of you :)

lots of love,


  1. lepas nie every weekends kita berbuka puasa kat luar okayy. HAHA

  2. haaa.boleh sangat kalau belanja :) hehehehe,thanks babe! :)