Tuesday, 31 July 2012


HELLO READERS so alhamdulillah we still got chances to live today to worship ALLAH the only creator..this is my pointless post.so please DONT READ!hahaha.its gonna waste your time.yeah believe me.

i can feel something is missing in my life.and i dont know which part or what are missing.i feel empty.its just sometimes when i'm alone feel like I'M A LOSER,GIVING UP AND FUCK UP.i just hate being in this zone.i hate when people give me shit.i'm tired being too care and too kind.I AM OVERTHINKING.sometimes my life is full with  fake smiles and fake laughs.thats the only thing i can do.should i tell the whole world about this?exactly NOOOOO!

so its time to make some changes.i cant just sit around and expect things to be done.you can say what you want to say.THIS IS ME.whatever happens i wont worry.yes.

i'm holding on the quotes"whats goes around comes around".so please dont give me a shit.

thanks for reading my nonsense post.HAHAHA.

last but not least.HAPPY FASTING! :)

gudbai everibadi

lots of love,


  1. "this real, this is me">> demi lovato
    btw, i like this nonsensse post.. LOLs (^___^)