Saturday, 1 December 2012

its a great dayyyyy :)

peace be upon you :)

hey readers.i just got my first salaryyy and see what i bought using my first salary.2 pair of shoes and 2 pair of tshirts.gahhhh.i just love everything that i bought todayyyyyy.its a good feeling when you bought something using your own money.using the money of hasil titik peluh.i'm so proud of myself

.hihihihi.i just had a GREAT DAY.i'm hanging out with breaking dawn part 2.i had a great time with him.yeah honestly i love hanging out with him.share those random stories.the laughs and the smiles.its nice to have a good friend that you can count on it.its not that easy to find a kind and sweet guy like him.hihihi.

oh i dont know why i'm looking so pendek in this picture.arghh.i should wear heels might be so that i can be a little bit tinggi.hihihi.

have a good day everybodyyyyy

lots of love,

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