Tuesday, 27 November 2012

new undertaking :)

has been a long time since my last post.so HYEEEEE :) how's everybody?i'm busying myself with working.yeah I'M WORKING NOWplease dont be suprized guys.hiks.i'm currently working at bookstore klia.so lets come and visit me.HIHIHI.i love my new undertaking its kinda interesting with  new experiences and making new friends.mesti org ingat "alah kerja kedai buku senang" NOOOOO YOU'RE TOTALLY WRONG.i'm working like bangla you know.without having guys in the working place it makes me difficult since all those heavy boxes i need to carry it by myself.and since i'm the youngest one in my work place so they would like to call me "adik" LOL i feel so younggggggggggg.HAHAHAHA k merepek.

i just love being with them.meet with new people teach me how to deal and get used with all their weird attitudes.ada yang kerek yang bajet yg baik yang backstabbing yg suka mengarah.ahhh bak kata org lagi byk org kita jumpa lagi byk ragam right?so yeah i will get used with them.so i think that i will manage my 3 months of holiday wisely and i'm enjoying it :)

so i think thats all from me for this mean while.gonna updating my blog again.

thank you for reading! :)

lots of love,

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