Saturday, 16 February 2013

dont give up on me babe.

" take care"
"ok.thanks for the concern"

Hoping that its not the last text you send to me.because i always take care of myself and i always concern and care about you.everything and anything that related to you,I CARE.we may not talking,texting,hanging out together now but i know everything about you from head to toe.lulz.i'm just proving myself as the best stalker of the year.dont ever underestimate my ability to stalk you.

i miss those days with you.i miss the guy who was delivering me a set of mcd and toblerone infront of my house in the middle of night.*that was crazyyy thing he had done to me*i miss the guy who has brought me to the railway and saw the planes in a very short distance.i miss the guy who accompanied me watching breaking dawn part 2.i miss the guy who has been my driver and bring me wherever i want to go.i miss the guy who never say "no" to all my favours.i owe you much.everything.i miss the old you maybe :/

i dont know how we got into this mad and awkward situation.trying to make work but this time is hard.I believe that everything happens for stay strong auni.have faith in HIM.always and forever.

thank you for reading.

the mind reader,

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