Saturday, 9 March 2013


haii ladies and gentlemen.

have you met someone that made you falling in love with him,he is  giving you so much hopes,doing all the sweet things just for you.........?and suddenly he is missing....he is pushing you away....he is distancing himself from you for no reasons.leave you hanging without any explanation.have you been in my shoes?have you feel the pain like i did.....?that night was a night to remember, he gave me the reason why he is distancing himself from me.finally i got the answer for all my pain.thank god......................


*still blank*

*finding words*

so yeah we finally decided to be friends.yes thats might be the best choice we've ever made.because i just cant lose you.i want to be with you.i need you. if being friend is the last choice i need to choose then i'll go for it.awkward much?yeah maybe.a little bit.but finally i know lah why he is leaving me hanging mcm tu.and the reason that he gave me might be reasonable for him.but dont you think you're just pushing away the person who wants to care and love you.maybe?

dear mr weird *hahahaha* thank you for everything.i just cant stop loving you.i believe that one day we'll make fine day.looking forward to that day :) thank you for make me believe in love again~

*if you're reading this*

i just want to say that i'll always love you............hope so..............

"a guy and a girl can be friends but sooner or later one will fall for the other"

btw for those who are reading this,can you just dont ask me why,how,what and blabalbla...i'm just not ready to tell all of whatever you're reading in this blog just keep it in here only.

thank you babes and dudes :)

the mind reader,

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