Wednesday, 19 June 2013

collecting the pieces


so yeah,the result for the first sem has been released today.its quite dissapointed.i mean yeah i really really dissapointed.but Alhamdulillah i managed to get passed for all subjects.pointer?hahahaha jangan tanya la sedih.

i'm currently at the lowest point in my the point where i've given up to pursue degree in engineering.honestly,jiwa raga semua hilang lepas tengok result.remember on the last post i've used the quote "Allah gives what you need not what you want"?so yeah i need that dean's list.i really need it.but i want to pass for all thats what i've got.what i need not what i's okay auni.Allah always has a good plan for each of us.mungkin kita tak nampak hikmah dia by today but there is reason for everything that has i've broken a few hearts.and i need to collect all that pieces.

"dont give up on your goals,and dont give up into the pressure of the world telling you its one knows what our future holds"

the mind reader,

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