Sunday, 30 June 2013

huge crush

hi :)

well the photo describes everything right?hahaha i've been spending my weekend by doing twilight's marathon. i should say that i've been watching twilight for thousand times.hahahaha!why?simply because i've a huge crush on edward cullen.physically and life is all about him lol k auni basically i love the twilight  2 which is new moon compared to eclipse and breaking dawn.dont ask me why because i just love it.

edward cullen or robert pattinson is my most wanted guy.if only if he is muslim i would ask my mom to masuk meminang him but sadly he is not.gosh he just perfect the way he is,i just wanted to marry with him hahahahaha crazy auni is crazy.i want a guy such edward cullen.exactly like him.maybe i will marry with vampire lol.and if i cant married with him i'm gonna give my son's name edward and my daughter's name will be to my future husband i hope you'd like it.

thank you for reading.looking forward to my next post! :)

edward cullen's

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