Saturday, 1 June 2013

hi june :)

hello hai hey hoi

 hehehehehe yes me again.yayyy or nayy?if yayyy then  you can continue reading this entry and if nayy then you can just stop reading

well yeah its june is not my fav month but it is most important month for me.first simply because i've my lil sis and mom's birthday in this month.and second because I'M GOING TO GET MY RESULT FOR THE FIRST SEM!!!ooooo eeemmm geeeeeee k gedik lol and now i'm currently having my holidayssssssssss weehoooooo its holidayssssssss.honestly i got nothing to do at home because i dont have license.yeah kinda loser kan.20 years and i've no license.chill auni chill.orang lain dah habis 'P' and you dont even pass your jpj test?okay chill chill.

i got a lot things to do.aaaaa nak marathon movieeeeeeee.FAST 6,HANGOVER AND KILLLLL aaaaaaaa  i want to watch all these movies.aaaaaaaaaaaa please someone just brings me to the cinema pretty please T.T so well we gonna do the same routine which is tidur,makan,tidur,makan and.................repeating the same cycle until the holiday ends....and start the short sem....weiiiii i wanna go the beach aaaaaaaaaaaa day dreaming auni.

oh btw i'm quite frustrated about my final exam performance.well i dont think i'm not push myself to it but the questions that came out during the finals were fucking ridiculous.hahaha.k get ready nak repeat je ni.i'm hoping the best.pasrah redha.He knows the best and He gives what we need.pass for all subjects are really good enough.i'm not asking much.and i've 7 semesters to go?so go go auni.

p/s:i've been missing this one guy.hope to see with him soon.perhaps.............

missing you,

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