Thursday, 2 August 2012

dear heart.

hello ladies and gentlemen.
another pointless dont waste your time to read it.

heart and feeling its a fitrah given by Allah to each human being in this world.we cant force our heart to love or   to fall in love with anyone.its naturally comes from Allah.well kita selalu tengok perempuan cantik couple dgn lelaki yg not really handsome sebab perempuan ni tak memilih.kan kan?.HAHAHA.tapi lelaki handsome mesti couple dgn perempuan cantikssss sebab lelaki ni memilih.hahaha.okay joke joke.its not really a matter,bukan paras rupa or harta kekayaan yang dijadikan ukuran.its about how a person treat his/her partner.kalau muka handsome tapi tak reti treat girl susah jugak.nak harapkan muka memang tak kemana lah der.orang selalu ckp dari mata turun ke hati  or normally people call it as "love at the first sigh".but actually ALL THE FEELING IS COMING FROM we cant blame anyone for the feeling you have towards anyone.

its a fitrah if you fall in love with someone or crush on someone.but its abnormal if you never have feeling to someone.TIPU LAH.tipu kalau ckp korang tak pernah suka sesiapa.its bullshit.middle finger for back to my story.I'M CURRENTLY HAVING FEELING TOWARDS SOMEONE.BUT I KNOW HE WILL NOT LOVE ME BACK T.T ahh.mcm biasalah bertepuk sebelah tgn.stupid me fall in love with him.expect the unexpect.fuck.padahal mamat ni takda satu pun ciri2 yang aku get it my point?soal hati perasaan ni comes from Allah naturally.kekadang kita tak expect pun kita nak fall in love dgn dia ni tapi tengok2 korang dah TER-suka dia.kan kan?

its just like KEEPING SOMETHING THAT KILLS ME INSIDE AND TRY TO ACT LIKE I'M FINE.its just because you are not "appreciate" me at all.thanks for this feeling.feeling of being ignore.not that bad lah.

dear CAPITAL A.sorry for everything.

thanks for reading last words,if you love someone or crush on someone please let the person knows.mana lah tahu kot2 tak bertepuk sebelah tgn ke.kan kan?jgn jadi mcm i ni.hahaha.dear heart pleaseeeeeeeee dont fall in love with stranger easily.

*i just love this picture*


lots of love,

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