Monday, 13 August 2012

here without you,lifesaver

peace be upon you :)

hye hello wassap world?yeah again.Alhamdulillah,HE  still giving me chances to live and worship HIM during this holy month.

its just another merepekss post.HAHAHA.i just dont why lately i'm having writer's block

"lagi kita kejar org yang kita suka,lagi org tu jauh dgn kita.cuba kalau kita biar je.kalau betul dia suka awak dia  akan dtg dekat awak"

so nice phrase right?

really suits for my condition right now.hoping and waiting for someone who never look at lah.its just i dont know how to describe this feeling.adakah ini cinta?EH.might be.seriously i kinda confusing with my own feeling.yes maybe i've fallen love with him.sebab mula2 dulu dia mcm bagi harapannnnnnnnn! ke aku yang perasan.hahaha.okay bongok lah.

sometimes i feel like "terhegeh-hegeh" with him.mula2 rasa biasa je then bila lama2.aih.entah lah entah la entah entah this is my biggest problem.too easy fallen love with someone.oh damn see what happen auni.DEAR MY LIFESAVER,DID YOU LOVE ME AS I DID?oh shit.playing with my own feeling.

starting from now on i'll stop chasing and finding you,hoping that you can realize my existance in your life.once you've realized then find me,i'll wait for you.but if you dont have the same feeling like i do so pleaseeeee let me know.wishing to have a midnight call for the last timeeeeeeeeeeeee.but you dont reply my this is how my life would be.sad life :(

thanks for everything lifesaver :)

just want to end this entry.thanks for reading guys :) have a nice day!

lots of love,


  1. better you keep yourself busy as that's the effective way to distract your mind from remembering him~~

  2. haaha.yeah thats the better way act :) i'm trying.thanks for keep reading my entry d-sim :)