Sunday, 26 August 2012

its rayaaaaaa :)

peace be upon you :)

yes its rayaaaa.i know its too late to wish but still i want to wish HAPPY EID MUBARAK to all my readers.sorry lah for all my wrongdoings.we are just  human being.we are not perfect and always doing mistakes and even repeating the same mistakes all over again.thats in this beautiful month,syawal lets us forgive and forget what happened and continue living.enjoy every seconds in our life since we dont know whether we  can celebrate eid mubarak for the next year or live you life to the fullest.

so here some photos for my eid mubarak 2012 :)
 baju for first rayaaa
                                                                 third day of eid
4th day of eid
5th day of eid

beraya with le old friends :) just had a great day with themmmmm :)

 thank you for coming to my house guysssss :)

borrowing abang's dlsr during rayaaa since i've sold mine.nice one.btw thanks to my bro :)

 not writing much.just put some pictures.have great day everyone.enjoy your rayaaaaaaa :)

lots of love,

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