Tuesday, 18 September 2012

oh my romeo :)

peace be upon you.
heyya.it has been a long i'm not update my blog.berhabuk dah blog.tergerak pula hati nak update blog ni.just want to share with my readers a sweet story.cewahh.pernah tak rasa terharu sampai nak nangis air mata darah?hahaha.well frankly speaking i've been in this situation in last few night.

its a night to remember.there was a guy oh a sweet guy and bajet like romeo coming to house at 1.30 am to give me a set of mcd and toblerone.boleh pulak hantar mcd dekat rumah org memalam cenggitu.malam?its a midnight act.aishh.and the sad part wasssss a kucing jahat eating my set of burger  because i'm too scared to go outside and grab it.homaigodddd!i'm so sorry adlil.i dont have a suitable word for him.but what i'm gonna say is a big thanksss for doing such a crazy and stupid thing.tak pernah ada any guys pun yg pernah buat i mcm tu.you just make touched and i'm in love with you.oppsss..TERHARU TAHU TAK ADA GUY YG BUAT MCM TU.kbaii
the only thing yg sempat amik dari kucing tu.hehehe.sebab yg lain tu kucing jahat dah mkn.padan muka siapa suruh letak dekat bawah kan.

*its a candid picture*
so he is officially be my romeo.oh lelaki bajet romeo.kalau nak jadi romeo sgt patutnya malam tu you pergi je ketuk rumah i jumpa my mom terus.tu baru betul2 romeo.kekeke :p

 thank you my romeo for a wonderful night.me soooo happyyyy.thank you for lighten my days with your smiles and laughs :) thank you again.its just i'm having a good day with you at pizza hut yesterday.thank you thank you and thank you.

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