Saturday, 22 September 2012


peace be upon you :)

wassap readers.hey haii hello :)
its just another pointless entry.just to show how hopeless i am in my life.i'm losing my grip.I NEED A SPIRIT BOOSTER.yeah exactly.i kinda lost interest in everything i do.thats might be sound scary but thats happened to me.i've lost my interest to continue studying in engineering.and fyi I'M NOT BORN TO BE AN ENGINEER.i might born to be somebody else.i've lost my interest to continue my foundation.i know.this the worst thing happened to me.lost interest to study?shizzzzz.....i hate that feeling.i need to gain my interest matter what i'm studying i've my parents and friends to support pray for me readers :)

and another fucking stupid thing happened to me is i'm losing my interest to online my facebook and soooo not cool mannnnnn.i'm being antisocial girl.oh no oh noooo.lately i'm tweeting less and i'm just love being a silent reader on TL.well.thats maybe the best way to avoid from..........hmm.forget it.

so readers pleasee pray for me.pray for my best :)

oh yah my final just around the corner.and i'm just hoping the best for my final :) will do my best.lets stop chasing for something and someone that didnt worth for me.stop thinking.focus for what i'm doing.

oh shizzzz.this picture is taken just for fun.kekeke.this show how crazy i am ;p

hey you.i just hope you can give me a spirit booster.sometimes i wonder did you reading my blog.did you read all those entries i wrote for you.

"how fast a person can day you mean everything but the next day you just dont exist in their life"

have a nice day :)

lost of love,


  1. gud luck and all the best dear.follow u.

  2. Hai there! dear,we cannot get everything that we want.i know engineering course is quite tough. Sometimes i also feel that way, but positively thinking, if i take another course without try hard then it will be just the same. being anisocial maybe good for u right now as you're in ur final. Chayok-chayok for ur exam. you can do it girl and also keep bloging :)

  3. thank you.pray for me yah :) will do my best.