Sunday, 30 September 2012

so much better :)

peace be upon you :)

hye readers :) yeah we meet again.since i got a lot of people asking me to put my followers button so i'm not hide it anymore.hikhik.bukan kerek tak nak bagi org follow tapi ingat kan.....hmm never do follow me and i'll follow you back :) thank you.

so here we go.i  went back home this weekend and i've discussed with my parents about my future.awww.bukan pasal kahwin and whatsoever yg tak penting tu yee.hahaha.its about my degree.since i'm having problem to choose what course i'm gonna persue in my i asked some opinions from my ma and pa.and Alhamdulillah i've made my choice.insyaAllah this will be the best ever choice with the blessed from    
HIM and my i've decided to continue my degree in engineering.i'll go for civil engineering insyaAllah.I'M  ENGINEER TO BE :) DO PRAY FOR  MY BEST PEOPLE :)

so last friday,we(seserians) have bbq night for zaiha.wuuuuuuuu.i missed the feeling of being all-girls school student.the sisterhood good knowing each of them :)

here some pictures from the bbq night for zaiha.she is going to overseas.russia wey russia.jauh is jelly much!its okay maybe rezeki dekat msia je.never mind.i'm happy studying in msia tanah tumpah patriotic.

oh yah.i've spent my time with my besfriend pika before she is going back egypt.take care pika.may ALLAH bless you .i love you.xoxo

so thats all from me :) thank you for lending me your time.have a blessed day!

lots of love,


  1. muka muka budak seseri je nih haha

  2. lah dah nama pun budak seseri so muka pun,muka budak seseri lah :)