Sunday, 31 March 2013

hi april :)

hi *waving*

has been sooooooooooooo long since my last post.i have been busy with the university just finished my midsem examination which i found it difficult to answer all papers.all those killer papers are killing me.but thank god uia has given me one week of holidayyyyyyyyy.haaaaaa just perfect time to qada' tidur during the exam enough with the exam and university thingy.

it's april already.weeeeeeeeeeiiiii it is my favourite month for every year.simply because of my birthday.hahaha.well for those who are reading this my birthday is 5th april.okay i repeat 5th april ye.which is hari kelima dlm bulan april.sesiapa yg baca ni wajib bagi hadiah *nada keras* lolololol.just joking.its not the present that is really how you appreciate important person in your life.i mean by remembering their birthday,celebrating...keh keh keh.i just hope and wish that it gonna be a day to remember.

haih just a day before my birthday which is 4th april i'll have my jpj test haiihh haihh haihhh.if i passed  then it gonna be my  best present ever but if i failed then it gonna be the worst birthday everrrrr~hahaha pray for me guys.kalau 40 org baca post ni and tolong doakan insyaAllah akan termakbul and it means i'll pass it.


*muka nak masuk 20 tahun*
 tak sebenarnya ni muka lepas spec masuk luban jamban hmm hmm

i think thats all from me because i'm gonna start my routine as a degree student tomorrow since my holiday has end sobs sobs.again and again.repeating the same routine for  4 years.may Allah ease everything.

thank you for reading and i'll update my blog soon.really soon.....

assalamualaikum :)

the mind reader,

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