Friday, 3 May 2013

big girl dont cry.......

hi i'm back.yeah i know i've promised to update my blog kikikiki but hell yeah i'm busy with the university thingy -_- well it has been one month since my last post.heh promised to update my blog in april but time flies because it is may already.why time why??

so this time i'm updating my blog just simply because i want to say a million thanks to those people who were celebrating my birthday.those wishes and presents really made my day :) thank you guys.just cant tell them how much i love them.thank you girls for the cakes,alya for the wallet and sweet birthday card,pink with the mug and she wrote about me in her blog awhhh i'm just touched,and to those people who i didnt mentioned sorry i'm just running in time hahahaha.just thank you girls :) thank you for lighten my days.thank you for filled my days with your smiles and laughs. i never regret  met with them.thank you thank you :)

 goshhh tengok bebudak ni tulis apa on my birthday cake!!
 ehem ehem see what i've got for my birthday.most precious one.hihihihi got an iphone as my birthday present lol i just loving it.yes i doooooooo hihihihi so say hi to my new babyyyyyy.wuuu tak mampu beli iphone5 just bought iphone 4s for myself.takpa ada rezeki lagi kita upgrade sikit beli iphone5s terus hiks.

so yes i'm 20 years old aaaaaaa tua kan.heh bukan tua tapi matured katanya.

thank you for reading :) may Allah bless each of you.oh yeah tomorrow gonna be hari mengundi.selamat mengundi for those people yg boleh mengundi :)

the mind reader,

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